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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Spirulina Inhibits H1N1

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Elken Spirulina :

A Superfood to fight Superviruses (Media articles)

The head of the World Health Organization has declared that the H1N1 pandemic is unstoppable and new cases are emerging daily worldwide. What can we do to protect ourselves and our families?

In these few articles, Dr Yasumasa Kodo explains:
* how an acidic body condition can make us vulnerable to virus attacks*
how spirulina can help us change our body’s pH condition to a healthy alkaline state and strengthen our immune system*
recent research that shows spirulina’s potent ability to fight super viruses*
specific study that show H1N1 infections can be kept under control with spirulina intake.
Here are some quotes from these newspapers:
“If our body’s condition is alkaline or slightly above neutral pH, the exposure to even the most virulent microbes may not be able to make us sick...” New Sabah Times
“'Phycocyanin' yang terkandung dalam produk spirulina mempunyai kebolehan untuk menghalang jangkitan virus Influenza A (H1N1)... Kajian terbaru menunjukkan penjangkitan virus H1N1 ditemui dalam keadaan yang terkawal apabila spirulina dicampur dengan sel sebelum dan selepas jangkitan virus tersebut." - Utusan Borneo“
...latest discovery showed that reproduction of the H1N1 virus was found to be under control when the extract of spirulina was added to cells before and after they were infected with the virus..." Borneo Post
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