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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Safety first

People might say am so protective, to be honest yes i am. For me there no so called 'safe place for everyone'. Criminal? where ever go u, u might be in risk. 

Am so protective for my kids specially. Where ever i go, am make sure to keep on holding their hands. Since I got two little princess so i need to use both my hand to hold them.  My princess more attached to me rather than their daddy (gals..). So am their bodyguard. Am phobia with all those cases all around. What do u expect from 6 n 4yrs old kids? Of coz they not able to take care of themself. So why not u susah sekarang then u regret later rite? I dun mind if ppl staring at me while holding both of them. I am scared to let them walk without holding my hand. So what? They are my flesh n blood, who else can protect them if not me or my hubby.


td bz2 view scholl site n nampak la few of this. Tp kt sini boleh dapat ke? kt penang ni mcm ssh nk nampak yg mcm ni. Frenz...anyone?

Creating/making a child genius?

(sigh...) Genius— Exceptional intellectual or creative power or other natural ability. 
Tru my reading/view from other blogerz, I just not understand why ppl so obsessed making their child genius. Its like against the natural behaviour (for me lah). Why? Ya la, coz every child born with their own creativity/intellectual, so as a parent what we need to do is to develope or polish it but not forcing them to do something which is against their natural ability. so that the child become so called 'genius'? Come on la, if ur kids not meant to be genius, how hard u tried or how much u spent oso doesn't make any diff. Our child might not genius but at least they smart and clever. Dun force them so much la . Let them choose their own way but still we need to guide them tru the path.  
Just imagine a 1yr old baby forcing to do this & that just to fulfill the parent's genius baby wannabe..huh! so obsessed! 

My kids might no genius but they smart n clever n they grow up naturally. So as a mom, I do believe (me hoccay! others dunno la) if I let my kids grown up naturally while I'm lead them tru the right path, one day they might me 'somebody'. I do not force them do things that they dun like. Before I enroll them in any activities (sports, edu etc.),  i did explained to them the pro n cons. Before any decision make,  I do ask them first, if they say NO than its ok for me. I cnnt force them. They mayb not ready yet. So let the time decide.