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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Just syok2

i write what i wanna say..i did not use proper grammar too. so what? this is not a formal blog coz this blog was created just to chill around, get in touch with others.

Aku bukan suka2 formal2 aka poyo2 ni suma. letih oo if ada protokol smua tu. if aku tulis formal2...hishhish, dh mcm cikgu dk mengajaq la no no..

be urself!

dh kul 1am, n here i am, blogging around lg..

wiki wiki..nk titun

Nursery/day care for your child: Pro & cons

What a entry! Let me breath..

Both my kids stay at nursery during our working hour 900am-600pm.
The eldest start at age 2 n the lil'one at 1. Early huh? Ya ya..working parents n what do u expect rite?

In my point of view, kids stayed at nursery are very different from the one who didn't. What make me say that? Base on my kids 4yrs experienced at nursey of coz.

The pros'
1) they're more independent
2) active (no stay still in their diary ok)
3) talkative
4) fast learner due to surrounding, mix around
5) self confidence, throw them anywhere, they'll survive
6) explorer

The cons'
1) too much independent, parent's help are not that welcome..huhu
2) sick frequently, of coz la if other kids sick, the other sick too
3) too confidence till our opinion are not so in for them...sigh
4) back from nusery, they really enjoying the freedom (in Malay..buat kacau la)

the most am not really like, sick...doc happy lor!

any comment/opinion?