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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I'am a certified Tupperware & Elken consultant

Just a simple announcement!


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Above r the latest Tupperware promo.

Save our Mother Earth, Go green and non-toxic household


ELKEN Corpsdereve Foundation Lingerie

Foundation Lingeries
Being beautiful is a woman’s indulgence and privilege. However, our bodies go through different stages of change. Puberty, childbirth, poor diets and of course, the natural processes of ageing which can cause our body fats to accumulate and sag attribute to these changes.
Yet, to achieve the desired perfect figure need not be a figment of your imagination. The ELKEN Corpsdereve Foundation Lingerie is specially designed to defy the effects of ageing and sagging.
What is so special about ELKEN Corpsdereve Foundation Lingerie?

Effective Design
Its unique combination of high-quality cotton mingled with double power-net that has excellent elasticity.
Prevents further sagging of our body fats by providing complete support while molding our bodies to the desired silhouette.

Excellent & Natural Material Composition
Gentle on the skin and durable as a result of its polyurethane fabric that is protected and woven under the cotton yarn.
Made from 100% natural material composition, the tightly woven cotton material enables our skin to breathe and soft enough to absorb perspiration.

Extremely Comfortable
Gives you the absolute natural and pleasurable feeling that you would want to wear it the whole day!"


Alhamdulillah ke hadratNya. Syukur coz blog ni dh bertambah member yg join. Thanx to my latest member Zarina79. Hope uols akan terus setia dgn blog ni.

This few days myb xbyk entry coz my workloads. Tp i'll make sure x byk sikit mesti ada.

SKrg dlm proses mencari bahan2 yg menarik utk future post.