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Monday, July 20, 2009

New wedges

follow up from last Saturday shopping...hehehe..
after shops w th kids, we sent them to my mom's place w an xcuse "ummi need to go home n do housekeeping n will fetch both of u at nite k". Yup, I did hsekeeping first la, so that it won't look like i bluffing them what. At 6pm me n hubby dear went out again to Queensbay (2nd round shopping), n finally I got my own stuff, a new wedges from Voir, later I upload the new wedges k. I never pakai such shoes before but after trying it, hubby dear said nice for me, so apalagi...what a compliment, just grab it la. Need more wedges collections.

For those not so tall like me, i do encourage wear the wedges..we look more taller la n catwalk nicely too...

today entry to be continued later k.

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