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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Safety first

People might say am so protective, to be honest yes i am. For me there no so called 'safe place for everyone'. Criminal? where ever go u, u might be in risk. 

Am so protective for my kids specially. Where ever i go, am make sure to keep on holding their hands. Since I got two little princess so i need to use both my hand to hold them.  My princess more attached to me rather than their daddy (gals..). So am their bodyguard. Am phobia with all those cases all around. What do u expect from 6 n 4yrs old kids? Of coz they not able to take care of themself. So why not u susah sekarang then u regret later rite? I dun mind if ppl staring at me while holding both of them. I am scared to let them walk without holding my hand. So what? They are my flesh n blood, who else can protect them if not me or my hubby.


  1. same goes to me. When it comes to my daughter, saya adalah seorang ibu yang amat protective.

    Hi. Salam kenal. Pretty princess you have. Jemput singgah ke blog saya.

  2. Thanx Fad...dh lama baru nk reply..huhu..teruknya saya..sori coz baru tahu nk add comment widget daa...huahuahua..ketinggalan...